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CPAP HEPA Filters & Bacterial Filters

These hydrophobic replacement HEPA filters are compatible with all CPAP/BiPAP systems providing clean pure air with a minimum loss of air.

 Replacement CPAP HEPA Filters

HEPA Filter


Viral & Bacterial Filter

Bacterial & Viral Filter

How Do CPAP HEPA Filters Work?

Our replacement HEPA filters clean the air as it leaves a CPAP or Bi-level machine. They are used in conjunction with the built in, inlet filters to provide very clean air. The filters are composed of high efficiency media that filters out smaller particles the size of bacteria and viruses.

These replacement HEPA filters are comprised of three layers; the middle is an electrostatically charged media which is protected on both sides by a hydrophobic spunbond media. This barrier protects the Bacterial and Viral filters from becoming saturated form the heat and moisture exchange typical in breathing devices.

CPAP Filters and supplies Bacterial and Viral and replacement HEPA filters that have filtration efficiencies over 99.999% for both bacteria and viruses.

When Should I Change My CPAP HEPA Filter or Bacterial Filter?

  • Most Bacterial and Viral Filters should be changed every month, but refer to your owners manual to determine the change over period
  • Most brands will dictate 1-2 months or when it is visually apparent that the filter is discolored or soiled
  • These filters are disposable and should not be reused
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